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What We Do

Our focus of work and service at Witty Gritty is anchored in what we see as our civic obligation. We are committed to contributing our skills, expertise, and passion to provide spaces and experiences for people to connect and lead.


Better Experiences, Connected Communities.

Inspiring Communities.

Our team will help you create memorable experiences that inspire. We’ll bring a creative and artistic eye to designing signage, displays, and tangible takeaways.

Through an editorial approach, we will help tell your story and share the impact of your work through a multimedia lens. Consider us the backbone of your project's success.

Our Services.


In-Person & Virtual Event Coordination


Community Outreach & Engagement


Editorial & Design Experience


Our Approach.

At Witty Gritty, we redefine community engagement by infusing every project with our distinctive approach. Using creativity and connection to ignite change, we break down barriers to develop authentic and meaningful collaborations. 


Unlike traditional marketing and events companies, we don't just plan events or run campaigns; we curate memorable experiences that resonate with both brands and communities. Our secret sauce lies in our ability to blend creativity with authenticity. We start by deeply understanding the unique pulse of each community, then craft tailor-made marketing strategies and events that not only grab attention but also foster genuine connections. We believe in the power of storytelling, applying multimedia techniques, to share compelling narratives that engage and inspire. 


We do this work because we believe civic engagement is the key to equitable and stronger communities and neighborhoods.


Witty Gritty doesn't just bring people together; we make them stay, interact, and thrive in communities that leave a lasting impression.

Want to work with us?

People first and neighborhood-focused.

Our Recent Clients

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